Manuele Franceschini

Line Producer 
My name is Manuele Franceschini, Line Producer based in Santiago. I have more than 30 years in the industry and strong partnerships with major production companies in Chile, Brasil and Colombia. Depending on the size and characteristics of the projects you could bring, I have severals alternatives to choose the most appropriate Production Service and production strategy to build on. 
I speak fluently Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.
In this site you will see a selection of recents experiences, but also those that are particularly dear to me, shot in 12 countries and  4 continents.
We have several advantages coming from this side of the world:
  • Opposite seasons in relation to Europe and North America
  • Every kind of scenery and stunning Locations : beaches, forests, big cities, colonial/historical towns, snowed mountains, deserts, canyons, lakes, waterfalls
  • Large ethnic diversity for Casting
  • Top equipment availability
  • Well trained technical crew and bilingual Heads of Depts